Our Story

Frizzell Hill Farm is owned and operated by the husband & wife team of Rob and Lynette Snedeker.  It started back in 2007 when Lynette found an ad in the local paper saying, "baby goat for sale..."

They already had two horses, but due to the landscpe, much of their cleared land was constantly being overrun by multiflora roses and other undesirable plants.  The faster they weedwhacked, the faster the brush and browse took over.  Hence, the need for goats!

Lynette was raised on a dairy farm in southeatern PA, but chose to pursue a degree in music education.  She's now a full-time Elementary Band Teacher, as well as a goat farmer!

Rob's background is in engineering and construction.  He designed the barns to specifically fit the contour of the landscape and to meet the needs of goats.